Alarm Receiving
Centre - BS5979

Remote security monitoring services
and security solutions protecting
your people, property and assets 24/7

Security Monitoring

Ultimate service quality guaranteed.
Operating to BS5979, Category II,
BS8418 and ISO9001.

BS5979 Disaster

Instant business continuity solutions for your
staff and systems in the event of an emergency.

Security vs Cost

Designed to deliver quality of service,
not the cheapest solution through
quality compromises.

Bespoke Service

Each ASM solution and installation is
tailored to meet individual business
security requirements.


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Security Monitoring Services

BS5979 & BS8418 Alarm Receiving Centre

Advanced Signal Monitoring Ltd offers an immediate, intelligent and police linked response to alerts generated by your CCTV, security and control systems, providing the highest level of 24-hour remote security monitoring services to client sites worldwide.

We have both the expertise and the infrastructure to assist you in reducing your manpower and on going operations, security personnel and support costs, whilst keeping people, operations and assets safe.

Our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) is part of a multi-million pound investment, which also includes a 10,000 sq ft enterprise class data centre housed within the same facility.

The ASM owned and operated ARC and Remote Video Response Centre (RVRC) operates to the BS5979 (2007 revision) Category II, BS8418 and ISO9001 standards and all of our staff hold the relevant SIA License to undertake their specific roles/duties within our ARC

Remote Security  & Alarm Monitoring Services 

Save up to 80% of your annual security budget

Due to our unique infrastructure we are able to offer multiple solutions in a seamless environment capable of exceeding your expectations:

"Advanced Signal Monitoring turns regular CCTV from simple crime recording devices into proactive and effective crime prevention systems that work."

− Matt Edgley, ASM Sales Director

"The ASM difference is our quality. Quality of people, quality of process and quality of service. Buying the cheapest solutions won’t deliver – ASM do, every time."

− Charlie Liversedge, ASM Operations Director

"Every site we protect is different and has its own threats and vulnerabilities. ASM’s service is bespoke and we get to know all our protected sites in great detail"

− Joe Mellor – ASM Business Development