ASM BS5979 ARC Refurbishment Project

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  • March 28, 2014

Refurbishing one of the largest Alarm Receiving Centres in the UK is no mean feat, particularly when you need to adhere to the many standards and accreditation that are associated with the work we do.

However, our commitment to providing a comfortable, functional and industry leading Monitoring space for the well being of our operators and to deliver the continued quality of service we promise to deliver to our clients meant it was something we just had to do.

Following months of hard work. both physically and technically, the refurbishment of our Alarm Receiving Centre and Remote Video Response Centre is now (almost) complete.

Workstations have been re-positioned to allow for more comfortable operator positions and Team Leader supervision; more, larger screens have been installed, greatly increasing the live view capabilities of the team; and specialist lighting has been installed to help us cope with zero daylight throughout an operator’s working shift.

Technically, our network has undergone a complete revamp and all workstations have been refreshed or replaced.

Dedicated areas are now available for 3rd party Montoring Centres to take dedicated Disaster Recovery workstations (a requirement for a BS5979 ARC anywhere in the country) and for private monitoring centres who need to ensure that they have somewhere to deploy their own operators should their own control room become unavailable.

Add to the above a myriad of cosmetic improvements, a training room which we allow installers and partners to utilise and an expansion of our on site data centre and the result is one of the most impressive Alarm Receiving Centres and Remote Monitoring Centres in the UK.