ASM reduces the number of false alarms by up to 90%, with Calipsa

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  • February 15, 2021

ASM has teamed up with Calipsa, a specialist video analytics software, which enables the efficient monitoring of alarms. Calipsa’s cloud-based False Alarm Filtering Platform reduces the number of false alarms sent from video surveillance cameras by over 90%. Its software algorithms recognise the cause of an alarm, filtering out any that are not caused by human or vehicle movement.

“Our partnership with Calipsa complements our ARC solution. This smart technology enables us to run our services efficiently. We are delighted to offer our clients around the word a streamlined and cost-efficient service, in which our resources are focused on managing genuine incidents,” said Curtis Wright, Head of Electronic Security and Monitoring Services, ICTS UK & Ireland.

ASM (Advanced Signal Monitoring Ltd) is a subsidiary of ICTS (UK) LTD.