Remote CCTV Monitoring

ASM’s NSI Gold Approved BS5979 accredited Alarm Receiving Centre & Remote Video Response Centre (RVRC) remotely monitors CCTV systems for installer partners and commercial clients every second of every day. Our expert, security accredited operators visually verify potential risk activity or intrusion and provide immediate, emergency service linked response to any possible threat – preventing loss or damage.

We monitor a range of systems at:

  • Retail stores
  • Vehicle storage locations
  • Metal storage compounds
  • Railways & Transport Hubs
  • Power stations
  • Warehouses
  • Large and small office buildings
  • Construction sites
  • Hospitals
  • Data Centres
  • Schools & Colleges
  • and many more

The high standards of our remote CCTV monitoring services and operators, ensure that false alarms are minimised through effective communication with installer partners and site personnel, reducing the number of unnecessary calls to the emergency services or key-holders.


How CCTV Monitoring & Audio Challenge Works

On transmission of images from the monitored site to our ARC, our operators are immediately alerted to remotely investigate the monitored site through specialist alarm handling platforms (such as Sentinel & Immix) which enable us to view all site connected cameras to perform a visual tour, deliver audio challenge & issue warning messages through on site speakers, and, if required use our direct links with the Police & other emergency services to sanction a response.

All images are recorded and stored within our secure on-site data centre, which is purpose built to keep sensitive data secure.

We’d be delighted to show you our state of the art NSI Gold ARC & RVRC control room, so if you would be interested to see how we operate please contact us for more information.

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"Advanced Signal Monitoring turns regular CCTV from simple crime recording devices into proactive and effective crime prevention systems that work."

− Cathie Flood - ARC Manager

"The ASM difference is our quality. Quality of people, quality of process and quality of service. Buying the cheapest solutions won’t deliver – ASM does, every time."

− Cathie Flood - ARC Manager

"Every site we protect is different and has its own threats and vulnerabilities. ASM’s service is bespoke and we get to know all our protected sites in great detail"

− Cathie Flood - ARC Manager

NSI Gold Approved Alarm Receiving Centre
Monitoring of Intruder & Fire Alarms, CCTV Systems used in Security Applications in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001, BS5979 and BS7858ACS SIA Approved ContractorAdvanced Signal Monitoring Limited holds the SIA Approved Contractor status for the provision Security Guarding & CCTV