Competitive Advantage

We have several advantages over our competitors.

Rapidly Changing Market
ASM will provide a universal monitoring platform for the security and control systems protecting client premises, staff, and infrastructure worldwide.
Majority of existing ARCs have an inadequate IP infrastructure and will not be able to meet the demands of a rapidly changing market that is looking to IP networks as platform of choice.
Floor Space
ASM has over 40,000 sq feet of available floor space accomodating our monitoring centre and disaster recovery solutions.
Our Competitors are usually constrained by limited floor space and monitoring centres that are not built for purpose.
Bandwidth Provision
ASM has a diversified, 720GB optical fibre network connecting through our on site data centre.
Our Competitors often suffer from limited bandwidth provision and networks with limited resilience.
Response To Market Changes
ASM facilities have been designed with a fore-sight to the potential changes in market demand.
Our Competitors often lack the agility or ability to change.
ASM have a progressive management team with Polices embracing product and service innovation.
Competitors often rely on off the shelf solutions which are not scaleable or adaptable to individual client need.
Managing Data
A fully operational enterprise class data centre with redundancy on power and high security protocols.
Our Competitors are often unable to store and manage data and are exposed to the possibility of technical outages.

"Advanced Signal Monitoring turns regular CCTV from simple crime recording devices into proactive and effective crime prevention systems that work."

− Cathie Flood - ARC Manager

"The ASM difference is our quality. Quality of people, quality of process and quality of service. Buying the cheapest solutions won’t deliver – ASM does, every time."

− Cathie Flood - ARC Manager

"Every site we protect is different and has its own threats and vulnerabilities. ASM’s service is bespoke and we get to know all our protected sites in great detail"

− Cathie Flood - ARC Manager

NSI Gold Approved Alarm Receiving Centre
Monitoring of Intruder & Fire Alarms, CCTV Systems used in Security Applications in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001, BS5979 and BS7858ACS SIA Approved ContractorAdvanced Signal Monitoring Limited holds the SIA Approved Contractor status for the provision Security Guarding & CCTV