Control Room Disaster Recovery

If your monitoring centre was unavailable temporarily or indefinitely, what would happen to your monitored clients and sites? How would you maintain your business?

ASM can provide you with an instant disaster recovery solution to continue running your business if your monitoring centre is ever unavailable for reasons such as;

  • Flood
  • Power Outage
  • Network Outage
  • Security Incidents
  • Fire Damage

Disaster Recovery Solution

Our monitoring centre disaster recovery solution provides you with dedicated desks and workstations within our large BS5979 space and can be configured to your own exacting specifications.

With a single phone call your staff can relocate to our building and carry on with normal monitoring operations.

The ASM building benefits from diverse fibre entry points, UPS power protection, diesel generation and full perimeter security as well as a secure data centre for you to store backup servers.

For BS5979 Alarm Receiving Centres (ARC), having a disaster recovery location is a requirement of the accreditation – ASM make this an easy requirement to achieve.

"Advanced Signal Monitoring turns regular CCTV from simple crime recording devices into proactive and effective crime prevention systems that work."

− Cathie Flood - ARC Manager

"The ASM difference is our quality. Quality of people, quality of process and quality of service. Buying the cheapest solutions won’t deliver – ASM does, every time."

− Cathie Flood - ARC Manager

"Every site we protect is different and has its own threats and vulnerabilities. ASM’s service is bespoke and we get to know all our protected sites in great detail"

− Cathie Flood - ARC Manager