Quality Installation

ASM are fiercely independent and we’re proud to deliver our solutions in partnership with trusted installers around the UK.

All our installers carry the ASM Approved badge having demonstrated a commitment to high quality in three key areas;

  • Quality of equipment
  • Quality of installation
  • Quality of customer care

In order for your ASM security monitoring solution to be as effective as possible, we insist that certain standards of equipment be used to minimise false alarms and maximise the effectiveness of detection, surveillance and emergency response.

Why is Quality so Important?

Low cost installations using substandard equipment and workmanship will result in higher frequency of false alarms, an increase in detectors being deactivated and greater risks of real threat or risk events being missed, rendering your remotely monitored security ineffective.

With quality equipment in place, alerts are more reliable and can be managed much more effectively.

Installer Network

If you are a quality focused CCTV, Alarm or Access Control installer please
get in touch with us to discuss becoming a part of our ASM Approved installer network or visit this page to learn about the benefits of partnering with ASM.

"Advanced Signal Monitoring turns regular CCTV from simple crime recording devices into proactive and effective crime prevention systems that work."

− Cathie Flood - ARC Manager

"The ASM difference is our quality. Quality of people, quality of process and quality of service. Buying the cheapest solutions won’t deliver – ASM does, every time."

− Cathie Flood - ARC Manager

"Every site we protect is different and has its own threats and vulnerabilities. ASM’s service is bespoke and we get to know all our protected sites in great detail"

− Cathie Flood - ARC Manager